The Mission of Voyages of Rediscovery

   To facilitate educational expeditions on the Columbia River. Using 30ft. voyageur canoes as a medium for education and exploration, Voyages of Rediscovery gives students a new found connection to their ... "Backyard River."

Educational Expeditions

    Each canoe can hold 10 students, an educator or teacher and a guide in the back.

   While we allow for ample lecture and lesson time, both on and off the canoe, our students quickly understand that the majority of their learning comes from paddling side by side with one's classmates and the teamwork as well as leadership skills gained from such an expedtion.

Voyages of Rediscovery Voyages of Rediscovery Voyages of Rediscovery Voyages of Rediscovery

Our Guides

All of our guides are Washington State Certified and are up to date on all first-aid and safety certifications including but not limited to, Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness First Aid, and Swift Water Rescue.

Through hands-on paddle time, our goal is to mesh the romance of historical expeditionary travel with an environmental education curriculum suited to your educational needs.

Voyages of Rediscovery

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Voyages of Rediscovery